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Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow
Ideas in Language and Learning

Semilla Speech Therapy is a private practice providing support for children with communication disorders. We offer in home services for English and Spanish speaking families in San Francisco and surrounding cities. Teletherapy is available to all California residents!

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A picture of Angie DiBernardo, speech and language pathologist and private practice owner of Semilla Speech Therapy.

About Us

                                                 is a play-based private practice that focuses on the child’s strengths in order to create meaningful connections that encourage speech and language development. Semilla Speech Therapy has a mission to promote self-esteem and self-confidence in the clients they serve by nurturing positive communication attitudes. At Semilla Speech Therapy, we aim to be sensitive to culturally and linguistically diverse communities through continuing education on cultural differences and bilingual development and affirm neurodiversity through learning from neurodivergent individuals.


The idea behind Semilla Speech Therapy is that everyone should be able to find the ideal speech and language therapist for them. This therapist celebrates their clients’ cultural and linguistic differences, values neurodiversity, and above everything, provides supportive and compassionate therapy.

Semilla Speech Therapy

Planting the seeds of language and nurturing the growth of learning.

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Offering complimentary 20 minute phone/video consultations for caregivers to determine if a speech and language evaluation is appropriate at this time. You will have the opportunity to discuss concerns, ask questions, and seek guidance in a stress and commitment-free setting.




Speech and language evaluations are comprehensive and showcase strengths as well as identify areas of need. Comprehensive evaluations may consist of interviews, questionnaires, observations, checklists, standardized testing, speech and language samples, and/or rating scales to determine your child’s current speech and language skills.


Therapy is play-based, focusing on strengths in order to build positive communication attitudes through validation and connection. Treatment is intended to be fun, motivating, and individualized. Sessions are typically 45 minutes in length, provided in the home, daycare, or via a teletherapy platform.

Parent Advocacy

Parents are their child’s greatest teachers and parent involvement in speech therapy is key to demonstrating skills across settings. We provide support in IEP documentation review, parent advocacy in IEP meetings, Independent Evaluations, and parent coaching for Early Intervention.


What is a speech and language pathologist?

A speech and language pathologist (SLP) is someone who can identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat speech and language disorders.


Do I need a doctor’s referral to seek out a SLP?

If you are a parent and have concerns about your child’s communication skills, you do not need a doctor’s referral to seek out a SLP. A SLP will help you determine if speech therapy is necessary. SLPs are required to make referrals to other professionals when appropriate, in order for individuals with communication disorders to receive unrestricted access to speech-language pathology services.


Do you take insurance?

Semilla Speech Therapy is currently a private pay service entity, however Superbills are happily provided upon request. A Superbill will provide a detailed report of the services rendered so that the client can file it directly with their insurance provider for reimbursement. Please refer to your health insurance plan for specific reimbursement eligibility. 


Is an evaluation necessary to get started?

In some cases, an evaluation may not be necessary to get started with therapy. In the event that a child recently had a comprehensive speech and language evaluation, therapy may begin following a review of previous reports. 


How long are therapy sessions?

Sessions are individualized based on client’s need and stamina. Sessions typically last 45 minutes.



“Our grandsons were not anywhere near the level of reading and comprehending their age group required to succeed in school. At 13 and 17, not only did they lack confidence in their abilities to learn, but their self-esteem was also very low. In comes Angie with her calm and patient approach to therapy. Not only was she able to bring them up to their required, respective grade levels, she ignited a confidence that was our pleasure to witness as they were now level with their peers. We are grateful beyond measure. Thank you Angie!”  

-Shirley S.

"Ms. Angie helped our son with his speech development and we cannot thank her enough. Our son has improved a lot since working with Ms. Angie. She contributed so much to his growth and development. She was patient and kind during his transitions and she demonstrated a commitment to helping him. Our son is so excited to come to Ms. Angie's class, he asks for her almost every day. We want to thank Ms. Angie for helping our son. Ms. Angie is a great teacher and speech therapist."

-Mother of a client

"We cannot begin to describe how grateful we are for the dedication, love, experience, support, joy, and smiles Ms. Angie gives to our son. We are forever grateful!"

-Parents of a client

"Angie was phenomenal working with my family and tailoring her support resources to my nephews. They enjoyed each session and came out feeling better than ever at their progress. Providing that confidence showed brightly throughout our time with Angie and has extended well beyond. Thank you again for taking such great care of us!"

-Tiffany S.

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Angela DiBernado, M.A. CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Private Practice Owner, Semilla Speech Therapy

(Pronouns: she-her-ella)

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